Submitting Samples


Office and Sample Drop Hours:

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Weekdays. Other times by appointment. An after hours sample drop is available for certain sample types (call in advance for instructions).

Sample Containers:

Prepared sample containers are provided for pickup. Shipping of containers may be subject to a shipping and handling fee. Please provide advance notice to allow us time to prepare your request for bottles. Sample containers not returned with samples will be invoiced at our cost including preparation, shipping, and handling.

Normal Turn Around Times (TAT):

Most testing is completed and reports issued within 5 business days. However TAT can vary from 1 day to 2 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the test(s) requested.

We urge you to check with us on the projected TAT if you are under a deadline. It is our goal to perform work in an efficient manner while maintaining proper controls and accuracy. Expedited work involves additional effort and consumable supplies. Consequently, rush orders are subject to an expedite fee to cover the additional costs involved.

Payment Terms:

Residential customers and new commercial customers: Payment is due when sample is sent in for testing, or when a home sample kit is ordered for shipment.

Approved account customers in good standing: Net 30 days. Past due balances are subject to a carrying fee and loss of account privileges on new work.


Commercial & Municipal Customers:

Contact us by telephone at 517-548-2505 to obtain sample bottles and any particular instructions for your request. Please have your list of tests at hand when you call. We will try to assist you if you are unsure what your test requirements are.


Home Sampling Customers:

  1. Determine the test(s) needed from the table below. Call us at 517-548-2505 to obtain sample kits using the test codes noted. Please have your credit card and shipping information ready.
  2. Collect samples following the instructions provided and accurately fill out the chain-of-custody order form.
  3. Submit samples and order form using the best method of delivery. We need to receive samples within the holding time specified in the table below.

That's it! We do the rest.

Residential Water Service Selection Guide:

Water Tech offers singular test and test packages to address your specific needs and keep testing fees to a minimum. (Condensed List)

Test Description - Single Tests Tests Performed Test Code Lab Fee° HT°°
Bacteriological Potability
Required for new and repaired wells. Suggested as annual check of potability. Often required for mortgage purposes and home sales.
Total Coliform TC $22 HT 30 hours
TAT 2 days
Nitrate Contamination
High levels often caused by influence from septic leachate. Often required for new wells, mortgage purposes, and home sales.
nitrate NO3 $15 HT 48 hours
TAT 2 days
Arsenic is a naturally occuring contaminant. The US EPA reduced the level considered safe from 50 parts per billion (PPB) down to 10 PPB due to health effects.
arsenic AS $25 HT 14 days
TAT 5 days
Lead is a common metal that often enters the water supply by the corroding away of plumbing materials in contact with the water. Children and pregnant woman are most at risk of high levels due to the ill effects with the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys.
lead Pb $25 HT 14 days
TAT 5 days


Internet Special Most for the Least
Coliform, Nitrate, Iron, Hardness, Fluoride, Sodium, Chloride, Sulfate, Lead, and Arsenic Includes all of these tests to describe your water's suitability for home use and healthy living.
PT-7 $135 HT 30 hours
TAT 5 days
FHA Mortgage Approval
Package test includes Total Coliform (bacteria), E. coli, Nitrate, Nitrite, Nitrate + Nitrite, and Lead
FHA $75 HT 30 hours
TAT 5 days
Lead Double Sample
A first draw sample to determine the lead concentration caused by corroding pipes and plumbing fixtures and a second sample to determine the lead concentration from the water source.
Pb2 $50 HT 14 days
TAT 5 days
Volatile Organic Chemicals
Request when there is suspicion of machine tool solvents or petroleum fuel contamination due to leaking fuel tanks, spillage, or unlawful disposal practices. This package includes Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Tetrachloroethene, plus 55 other volatile chemicals.
VOC $120 HT 5 days
TAT 7-10 days
Hardness, Iron, pH
These test results will determine whether you need a water softener or use the test results for adjusting a water softener or determining its performance.
WS $37 TAT 3 days


° A Shipping and handling fee of $8.00 will be added to the lab fee above per order for sample kits shipped out within Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin and $12.00 for other areas within the continental US.
°° HT: Holding Time. Customer needs to submit sample to us so it is received 4 hours prior to the expiration of this time. Otherwise test results may be qualified and not accurately represent the water.
°°°TAT: Turn-Around-Time. The approximate length of time to complete the test(s) and issue the report. Request to expedite orders requires advanced approval and is subject to surcharge.